True Exclusivity & Timeless Beauty 

PUREDISTANCE is an independent company that offers a truly exclusive collection of Master Perfumes created in London, Paris & New York by renowned Master Perfumers. Customers can choose between seven elegant and timelessly beautiful fragrances (Pure Perfume Extrait) and various accessories that harmoniously combine classic & modern design.  

Exclusivity is at the heart of the company. Puredistance Master Perfumes are among the most exclusive perfumes in the world and worldwide only available in a few specialized stores. Apart from true exclusivity Puredistance offers a total experience of elegance. The Master Perfumes are complemented by beautiful packaging, stylish accessories and rich visual art.

The noses behind the Puredistance Perfumes are Annie Buzantian in New York, Roja Dove in London and Antoine Lie in Paris. Three Master Perfumers who - inspired by the beauty and the high quality of the Puredistance concept - created a wonderful collection of Perfumes: the Puredistance Master Perfume Collection.  

This Perfume Collection is only available as pure Perfume in concentrations between 25 and 38% Perfume oil. Customers can choose between a modern, stylish 17.5 ml. Perfume Spray (easy to carry around in your pocket or bag) and a 60 and 100 ml. Perfume Flacon. All Puredistance products consist of high quality ingredients and components and are assembled by hand with great care, passion and a strong eye for detail.