Passion for art and design, natural materials and hand-made details. Belief in a committed working life, as well as in the joie de vivre and the art of pampering themselves. So many shared passions and beliefs, which persuaded Alessandro and Riccardo to create Masque Milano. 

They wrote some memories, and come up with a collection of “scenes”, representing moments of their past lives, places they visited, friendships and loves, feelings, deja-vus and recurring dreams. “If we only could bring to life each of these scenes …we would reveal our innermost self, soaring from an absolutely intimate and ineluctably private standpoint, to view things from a universal perspective…”  

With the perfume line “Masque Fragranze”, Riccardo and Alessandro are playwrights and producers of an Opera, in whose Acts and Scenes young and talented noses – rising stars of worldwide artistic perfumery – would wear the mask and interpret their roles.  

MASQUE FRAGRANZE – the Opera of life in four acts 

Masque Fragranze - a collection of perfumes with a soul. Each one unique. Perfumes to wear like a second skin. Which will became the perfume behind the mask.

Here at Masque, the journey for the creation of a new fragrance always starts from a personal meeting with a nose. Simple yet important deeds: visiting the artist’s lab, listening to the tale of his or her personal life and professional experiences, analysing the approach to perfumes concoction and smelling the best creations. And then describing our visionary project, offering a collaboration, appointing him or her to the creation of a new fragrance – that of the most appropriate scene. 

Our cast of charactersMeo Fusciuni, Julien Rasquinet, Delphine Thierry, Cècile Zarokian