“Fueguia 1833 is a homage to my ancestors who were naturalists and writers. Louis

Bedel, Henry D’Orbigny, Maurice Bedel, René Bedel and Filiberto Oliveira de Cézar, roamed the world, or their own universe, and left the imprint of their singular, inquisitive minds.

Fueguia 1833 is born from the association between Europe and South America, originated centuries ago. Continuing our tradition, we identify native species to conceive and create, in Buenos Aires, fragrances which reflect the exotic diversity of South American natural treasures. Fueguia is a proposition for wandering spirits, sensitive to the call of reminiscence.

Our name is a tribute to the meeting between Charles Darwin, Robert Fitz Roy and Fueguia Basket, a native from Tierra del Fuego who was abducted by Fitz Roy and returned three years later to Patagonia, during the journey which would give birth to Darwin’s Origin of Species .

Patagonia represents our origin, our starting point in a virgin territory where humans are scarce, dominated by Nature. It’s the environment where we search for native species, harvested by local communities under sustainable projects, to distil unconventional essences from them.

We work with Help Argentina ( on a long term program so that a percentage of Fueguia’s benefits may be destined to finance social development and educational projects, incorporating foundations such as Cruzada Patagónica. Our perfumes’ glass containers are 100% recyclable.

Produced in South America, we try to prevent the glass from travelling long distances, avoiding a high carbon trace. Our characteristic wooden boxes are completely hand made by a carpentry school in Patagonia where youngsters learn the trade and acquire a passion for woodwork. We do not cut trees down, we use the wood from the fallen trees in the Patagonian “Valdiviano” forest. ” Julian Bedel and Ama Amoedo – FoundersThe house perfumer, Julián Bedel, thoroughly elaborates each one of the perfumes we offer. This gives us the possibility of developing diverse aromatic identities for individuals and companies as well, inviting them to experience a scent journey across more than 800 ingredients housed in our boutique laboratory. The result is the joint creation of a unique chord. Throughout a month, we exchange samples internally until we present our client our first options as a guide to awake the senses. Once the fragrance has been selected, we provide the juice and undertake its final production.