Biographical Sketch 

As his name suggests, Anatole was born in Brittany, in the countryside, by the sea, nurtured by epics stories, tales and legends. At first on stages he trained his passionate temper. Then he changed to business to sell fine chocolate or rare teas which helped him develop and sharpen both his sense of smell and taste.

Lover and collector of old perfumes, Anatole started to write about it on his weblog Sleeping Civet (Civette au Bois Dormant) and then decided to cross the threshold and venture to creation. A lot of intuition, hard work to confront technique, a knowledge of the history of perfume, and a sharp sense of free and boundless exploration were guiding him. After some confidential tests he launched his eponymous brand in 2014. His perfumes tell stories, redolent with emotions and enthusiasm.

The perfumes of Freedom.

Among the five senses, smell is the one that is closest to our primal instincts and to our animal share. Smelling is a wild and free act, a way to touch the world, and to be touched by it. The art of smelling is somehow a bit raw, barbarian, and never quite tamed. On the other hand, though, without perfume I am naked, without adornment.

I create perfumes that dress you up and unveil you at the same time, inviting to connect with the primal and the carnal. I like it when you feel a heart beating, when it is moving and thrilling, when there’s fantasy and mystery. 

My perfumes are like me, they are alive. They tell stories and beckon you to travel, to return to origins, to sensations. I see them as landscapes, or daydreams. Creating a perfume, or wearing it for that matter, is like an exploration and a journey, be a conqueror and be conquered at the same time. To put on perfume means having imagination, it’s like this little additional olfactory je ne sais quoi that brings magic to life.