ViinRiic Luxury Perfumes is a collection of top Class Niche Oils in Vietnam that are available for trading, distribution and exchange.  ViinRiic is also one of the only Boutiques in Vietnam that owns the world famous perfume lines (ROJA DOVE, ALYSON OLDOINI, UNUM, ETAT LIBRE, D'ORANGE, MENDITTOROSA, CREED, HISTORIES DE PARFUM, KILLIAN, FREDERIC MALLE ...) in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, ViinRiic is trusted by many major perfume distributors in Vietnam.  At ViinRiic Luxury Perfums, you have the opportunity to choose unique perfumes not in a class with any other perfume lines.

ViinRiic is the place where luxury, rare and unique gifts are available for your loved ones, and higher level Partners.